9/11 – We never forget… We never forgive

3B79E1E2-6C57-400F-B4EA-B213D175371E11 September 2001 changed the world, and the lives of every member of the military & law enforcement agency and their families.

We the Cheers Mate Club do not forget our brothers & sisters who have lost their lives or whose bodies have been so hurt (visible and invisible injuries) that they suffer from the consequences to this day and we have some clear words for these terrorists and his supporters

  “We never forget … We never forgive!!!  We will fight your ideology until we have won, and we will have zero mercy with you.”

Cheers Mate Club is committed to • All western democratic nations participating in the fight • We support NATO • We stand with our veterans • We support the state of Israel without restrictions • We stand by our brothers & sisters who serving as firefighters and rescue / paramedics • We support our brothers & sisters in blue in the various units matter of federal, state and municipal law enforcement agencies.

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