About “The Mate Talk (TMT)”

500px-Colt_M4A1_silhouette.svgThe Mate Talk short “TMT” is a new mouthpiece for the Cheers Mate Club to convey our views or to give you and our people who are interest in our lifestyle a voice. First of all, for the moderators and editorial team accept uand apply tothe rules of the Cheers Mate Club. That means we will NOT SUPPORT OR PUSH any politic party anyway left or right-wing or greens, nor have any discussion about religions, skin colors, sexual orientation and sexism and racists, anti-Semitism (also disguised as Israel cretik) no place with us, What we are going to do is to treat topics that affect us or follow our lifestyle, for example like an

  • The right to drive an SUV or pick-up truck
  • Driving motorbike, motor boats
  • Own weapons for sports, hunting and self-defense
  • Eating meat,eggs and drinking mike
  • Doing diving or skydiving
  • etc

An for us real important support our veterans and all women and men who serve in military and law enforcement for our nationall and international protection and security. We support our western democracies and our freedom of our lifestyle and we support NATO and the State of Israel, These and many other topics move us, and we would like to explain our main points. because we feel we are not being heard by politics and the media. Learn more about the The Mate Talk at facebook www.fb.com/TheMateTalk videos and live-streams we will post at our website and our main facebook group at www.fb.com/groups/CheersMateClub

To be clear, Cheers Mate Club is not a lobby association or associated with a party, it’s about life, freedom for a fellow. Drama Queens and conspiracy theorists have no place with us.

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