About us (English)

How it all began…

After a long day at the IWA OutdoorClassics in 2015, we all sat in a pub in Nuremberg (Germany). The guys came from Britain, South Africa as well as Germany and every time we got a new glass of good old German beer, we started cheering each other with “Cheers” or “Cheers Mate” until the bartender came up to us with a new batch and says: “You guys really are the Cheers Mate Club®”. When we started with our first closed Facebook Group just one month before the IWA OutdoorClassics 2016, we’ve had about 270 members in the group. At IWA OutdoorClassics 2017 we have already grown to 6950 members. (www.facebook.com/groups/CheersMateClub)

Why we don’t change the name?

That we don’t change our name in something more “tactical” or related to “super operators” or “veterans” and of course the word “Association” not to be left out… In the very second where we use one of the terms above, the club will get stormed by the people we have absolutely NO interest in joining our club and changing OUR community life as “Tactical Drama Queens” or “Super Duper Operators” etc. This name represents what will and foremost should be happen if members meet each other, we have a drink and possible later enjoy a BBQ or party.

What is the purpose of the club?

When we started, it was just a group to distribute and share internet jokes at working time / at work and their friends and acquaintances. This has changed relatively quickly to a group of veterans who coming from across our western countries as well as active military operators, law enforcement officers and civilian patriots, who like to support veterans as well as active military operators and law enforcement officers in their life’s and missions. To build a network and combine all our shared values and the love to our democracies and our western ideals and freedom. Therefore, our motto and fashion life style is also “Freedom or F?ck you®”.

Another reason of course is, the appreciation of a great drink (with or without alcohol), the fun by having a great and delicious barbecue (BBQ), to get all together and get to know each other personally in real life… old school without Facebook & Co.

The founding members have understood relatively quickly about the advantages and the potential of the club and have developed themselves and adapted to them. And the new following activities proofed us right!.

  • Local subgroups (Charters) in countries or like in Germany, in each of the federal states, to guarantee a local networking of the club members
  • A online store for our own club merchandise items or products of sponsors and industry partners. All club members can buy it for a better price. The profits will be reinvested! For example: in veteran projects or even in an annual party, we are going to make at the IWA OutdoorClassics and a summer party in Muenster (Münster), Westphalia in Germany.
  • A Veteran Support Program! Many are frustrated how slowly, not effectively the veteran support in Germany or in Europe Union nations takes place. We have started our own concept to create a local and direct support & help service with our club members.
  • The Club supports all institutions and movements, who want to protect and defend our freedom! For example: all organizations, who try to stop the EU Gun Ban or laws to control club’s signs/logos etc.
  • Our new club card will guarantee member discounts by a lot of manufacturers and dealers across Europe, when purchasing products or services.

We think, we have developed the club excellently. We are constantly developing the club and we hope that you all feel our spirit and, above all, energy… and progress with us together to a better daily life, more beautifully and to change life of dose who need help, and cannot help themselves.

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