Airsoft/Milsim (English)


Hey Airsoft fan and/or Milsim operator,

we are really pleased and you are for real welcome here in our club. Please note: Most of our members at our Facebook, Twitter and other Social Medias are veterans and/or active operators in the military or in a law enforcement agency, who don’t really have any interest in your sport/game. YOU ARE ONLY ANNOYING AND HERASSING US! The goal of all of our facebook groups are, to find “nice, great and crazy people = MATES” ūüėČ.. You have your own and/or other groups at facebook, for posting Airsoft/Milsim stuff! Here at the Cheers Mate Club network ¬†is¬†¬†NO¬†space for that kind of posts and 110% the wrong place for that! If you have a problem with that, please leave all of our facebook¬†groups ASAP and tell everyone of your fuckers, that they are NOT welcome in all of our facebook¬†groups, if they want to post his crap. All the best, your CHEERS MATE CLUB ADMIN TEAM, the real and only “ORIGINAL BADASS CREW”