Airsoft/Milsim (English)


Hey Airsoft fan and/or Milsim operator,

we are really pleased and you are for real welcome here in our club. Please note: Most of our members at our Facebook, Twitter and other Social Medias are veterans and/or active operators in the military or in a law enforcement agency, who don’t really have any interest in your sport/game. YOU ARE ONLY ANNOYING AND HERASSING US! The goal of all of our facebook groups are, to find “nice, great and crazy people = MATES” 😉.. You have your own and/or other groups at facebook, for posting Airsoft/Milsim stuff! Here at the Cheers Mate Club network  is  NO space for that kind of posts and 110% the wrong place for that! If you have a problem with that, please leave all of our facebook groups ASAP and tell everyone of your fuckers, that they are NOT welcome in all of our facebook groups, if they want to post his crap. All the best, your CHEERS MATE CLUB ADMIN TEAM, the real and only “ORIGINAL BADASS CREW”

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