Approved Long Drinks

barOur new club service “Approved Long Drinks” we are tested and now publish our best long drinks,

  1. Lime Vodka long-drink recipes
    1. Cheers Mate Club . Kick Ass
      4 1/2 oz lime vodka
      1 1/2 oz Sprite® soda

      Pour the lime vodka into a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Fill with Sprite soda, and serve.

    2. Back OPS
      1 oz lime vodka
      3 oz orange juice
      3 oz 7-Up® soda

      Add the vodka, orange juice and 7-up to a collins glass filled with ice cubes.

    3. High Speed Entry
      5/6 oz absinthe herbal liqueur
      1 oz lime vodka
      8 oz can Red Bull® energy drink
      1/4 lime

      Fill glass 2/3 with ice, and add absinthe, vodka and red bull on top. Then simply squeeze lime wedges according to taste.