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94717818-739D-478F-A684-88AFA95FAC61Today marks the 80th anniversary of the culmination of a campaign by the state robber barons with their demonic ideology against the Jews, who wanted to identify with the German Reich but were not allowed to. Jewish businesses were plundered, synagogues were lit, Jews were arrested for vain reasons and sent to concentration camps for several weeks. Hundreds came, also as a consequence, to. This night was trivializing known as Kristallnacht.

Unfortunately, people’s attitudes have hardly changed today, for the spirit of anti-Semitism has never really been fought, but has remained in the background and is increasingly coming to light today.

M-12 (UM84) Holster still a solution for International Instructors

3D9C4FC8-B1B9-497C-BEC5-47B8EFD8EEACMany of our followers have already asked us the questions such as “how we take with us our pistol when we do trainings outside of Germany but inside of the European Union?“ The answer is always the same “We try to avoid going abroad with our own weapons in other European Union countries because the paperwork is much“ Of course the question arises then how do you do handle the pistol holster problem? you can not have a holster for every tactical pistol in the world wish is true.

The solution is so easy…. We use a holster out of the 1990 years the M-12 (UM84) Holster made by the US brand “Bianchi International“ with the NSN 1095-01-194-3343. The M-12 holster is a holster made of nylon with steel and plastic inserts and suitable for almost all common tactical duty pistols as seen on the photo hu Glock17 or Steyr Mannlicher A1-L also fit for Beretta, Walther P99, Colt 1911, SigSauer and Heckler & Koch USP, P30 etc or even Russian made handguns like Makarov, P-96S or SR-1M / SR-1MP etc. You can use it on your belt, molle system, and you get a lots of optional parts such a shoulder holster system, leg platform, etc

Here is a super great offer from “Valhalla Express Srl“ for only 30.00euro plus shipping from Italy. To order email Fabio or via facebook at:

Distributor: Valhalla Express Srl
Person of Contact: Fabio Viccardi
Phone: 0039-380.1257839

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Club News: No Excuse anymore!!!


Hey Mates, 

Special logo to show our lifestyle and send a clear message. The club leadership has finally enough!!! we will kick out  any kind of extremists no matter if there a left radical or right radical you are not welcome here in our club. We do not care if you find the unfair of us or not, you may like to complain about that we do not care about “freedom of expression” well that’s correct we don’t care, our club rules are more important to us. You can tell us, for example, that the police in Saxony (Germany) are all nazis and we tell you, they are not and f🖕ck you. Do not come around the corner and try to score with minority bonuses such as your homosexual, or you are jewish or your are foreigners etc answer from us is: WOW!!! we don’t care and f🖕ck you. Yes we are Conservative, yes we like firearms and weapons, good party’s and love BBQ‘s and we all represent western democratic view but that does not mean that we want to be bothered in our private time with your political insanity in our club, online or in real life, leave us and  F🖕ck you. 

We will not discuss anymore, we really have enough and believe us even if you know one or the other from the leaders of the club and you think you are an special friend with him on Facebook etc it’s makes no difference from today, heads will roll if people do not submit to our rules here he wants to prevent that then just go voluntarily.






Today is Yom Kippur ✡️🕎

69A03521-14BB-4934-9CF5-7EEA00BA1CE1Today is Yom Kippur ✡️🕎 … but 1973 Israel was under attack … Let us also remember today fallen comrades who gave their lives in 1973 to defend the state of Israel 🇮🇱 against the Arab ☪️ aggressors from Egypt and Syria.

✡G’mar Hatimah Tovah – We all hopefully that we will find our names enrolled in the book of life!✡…The year is a special Yom Kippur (יוֹם כִּפּוּר) for us we will missing our friend Ari Fuld😢 We will continue the fight for Israel 🇮🇱

Rest in Peace Ari

1A5482CC-E47F-4950-AEEF-CE6C39C174F9The victim of the terrorist attack at the mall at the Gush Etzion junction: Ari (Arye) Fuld, well-known Israeli-American pro-Israel activist and author from the town of Efrat in Gush Etzion, father of 4 children and member of the standby commando Safety of Efrat. He also directed the Facebook page Ari Fuld’s Israel Defense Page, along with a Youtube channel and appearances on numerous pro-Israeli media.

Ari Fuld was attacked and seriously injured in the parking lot between the shopping center and the regional supermarket “Rami Levy” from the back with a knife by a 17-year-old terrorist from Yatta (Hevron). Carrying a personal weapon, he traced the escaping assassin a few yards and shot in his direction before collapsing. Another eyewitness, armed as well, finally shot down the culprit.
The perpetrator was arrested and picked up by paramedics. Ari Fuld was admitted to the Sha’arey Tzedek Hospital while comatose, but died shortly afterwards of his injuries.

Anniversary remembrance of 9/11 September 1

D46E75BF-86B4-4556-927E-7D19A912D0AEAnniversary remembrance of 9/11 September 11th at 9am (East Coast Time) 03:00pm (European Central Time). 

Today we are still shocked what was happen by every person who has experienced the 11th of September 2001 worldwide. This terror attack is not forgotten and of course not his victims at theatrack himself and later of our law enforcement, emt, all rescue medical services and public serven and of course the U.S. military including this all of the allies who fought shoulder to shoulder in the worldwide fight against terrorists. We stand by our friends United States of America. 

Support Israel Police – משטרת יש


נעדרת – אנא שתפו

אנו מבקשים את עזרתכם באיתורה של הגר קדוש, בת 27, אשר נראתה לאחרונה ביום חמישי (6.9.18) בשעות הבוקר בביתה שבנהריה והקשר האחרון עימה היה בשעה 17:00 באותו היום.

תיאורה: גובה 1.70 מ’, שיער ארוך, חלק ובהיר ועיניה ירוקות. לא ידוע תיאור לבושה.

כל היודע דבר על מקום המצאה מתבקש לפנות למוקד 100 או לתחנת נהריה בטלפון 04-9518444.


First official Cheers Mate Club Challenge Coin

D75C9CC0-0091-42D8-AFE9-3BB05E3B4D3DHey Mates, are you ready to place your preorder of  our first and official Cheers Mate Club Challenge Coin now?

This coin is only in a kit of two coins available to order. Anyone who is interested has to written a message to his local charter management (Sarch for your charter here) or if you don’t find a local charter post below the post and we will then be contacted you with price and delivery terms and times.

The Cheers Mate Club does not want behind the great tradition and now introduces our first club coin. The first edition “Zero Fucks” was designed in the sense that most of the civilians and leftist don’t really understand us, which does not matter to us so „Zero Fucks“. We also brought the original coin game to the club. Note everyone who buys this club coin automatically accepts these rules (see below the OCC Game rules). We will design from time-to-time a new coin with a own story too.

HISTORY OF THE COINS: The tradition of the so-called Challenge Coins has been adapted by most of NATO units. These individually coins have their origins in the times of the First World War. Wealthy college graduates, mainly from Yale or Harvard, who went to war, were coins after the „War Coins“ or „Challenge Coins“ on which the insignia of their unit were immortalized and should commemorate the time.

Rules of the „Original Challenge Coin Game (OCC Game)“
OCC game is a military tradition with murky roots. The game is played where one service member at a bar etc. challenges another to present their challenge coin. If the challenged doesn’t have their coin, they have to buy the challenger a drink. If the challenged club member has their club coin or military or law enforcement official coin get a round on the challenger.


B366B986-AD39-44EF-94A5-161063C9969EHallo Mate‘s

Die letzten Tage waren in Deutschland voller unschönen Ereignissen. Gerade Sachsen war dabei, besonders Dresden und Chemnitz, im Fokus der Medien und Rechter und linker Gruppen. Angeheizt wurden die Ereignisse noch von Falschmeldungen bei Facebook und Co. die noch von Personen weiterverbreitet wurden.
Das ging auch nicht an unseren Club vorbei. Einige Mittglieder haben sich ebenfalls „anstecken“ lassen bewusst oder versehentlich spielt für mich keine Rolle. Also musste es kommen wie es kommen musste und die Emotionen kochten hoch. Worauf möchte ich hinaus?
Wir der Cheers Mate Club, besonders in Deutschland, sollten uns Langsam wieder auf den Zweck des Clube’s konzentrieren (nachzulesen auf unserer Club Seite
Des Weiteren werden wir genauestens auf die Einhaltung der Clubregeln, diese stehen ebenfalls auf unserer Club Seite auch in Deutsch, achten und jede Missachtung wird geahndet. Den jeder der im Club ist hat die Regeln anerkannt sollte das nicht der Fall sein hat er hier nichts zu suchen und sollte gehen möchte er das nicht freiwillig werden es die Sgt. At Arms tuen.
Lest euch die Regeln durch und hinterfragt ob das euer Club ist.
Wir sind kein politischer Debattierklub und wollen das auch nicht sein. Wir sind auch keine Partei wir sind ein „Internationaler Veteran & Militärangehörige und Behörden Club“ und da gelten Regeln und diese Regeln sind Bindend und nicht das Grundgesetz usw. da wir in Deutschland nicht verlangen können das Beispiel weise ein Engländer, Franzosen, Israeli oder Nord Amerikaner das Gesetz annimmt, klar ist aber auch das wir auf deutsche Mitglieder achten werden das diese keine Posts oder Aktionen starten die gegen das deutsche Gesetz sind. Also stellt sich auch nicht die Frage über das Grundgesetz oder der Meinungsfreiheit. Ja wir achten das Grundgesetz und die Meinungsfreiheit jeder für sich aber die Diskussion hat im Club nichts zu suchen und ist auch nicht verhandelbar. Wir haben Regeln und diese sind im Clubleben bindend. Sollte einer dies nicht mittragen sollte er gehen und das sofort.
Die Sgt. At Arms werden aufgefordert die Regeln konsequent durchzusetzen und keinen Spielraum zuzulassen. Sollte es Fragen oder zu Unstimmigkeiten kommen werden die Clubleitung (Präsidenten) im „Headquater“ eine Entscheidung treffen welch nicht verhandelbar ist. Wir werden in Zukunft keine Diskussionen über eine Entscheidung der Präsidenten im „Headquater“ oder Sgt.At Arms zulassen.

Ingo Hoppe
Vice President (Cheers Mate Club – WorldWide)

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