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Who we are and our Rules

cheers-mate-cubIf you love the freedom of the western world, you like to chat about flashlights, knives, firearms, good drinks and food (BBQ) or clubs, pubs and Badass party’s… If you support our western forces and Europa / NATO and Israel and the USA and military and law enforcement and support our Veterans you in the right club… if you are a believer, that life is too short not to do funny and crazy things, then mate, you are in the right facebook group!

CRYTAL CLEAR STATEMENT: We are veterans and active operators… We support Europa, NATO and Israel, the USA… We are not right or left wingers… We Support our troops and our law enforcement… We support the right to keep and bear arms.


1. New subgroup or chapter admins need to be approved by Tillee D. Roters (Facebook and Twitter; @TilleeDRoters) only before being given admin status. Setup of the group is also only by Tillee D. Roters  (Facebook and Twitter; @TilleeDRoters)

2. If you post political or religious topics, and they lead to drama, expect them to be deleted.

3. NO Facebook / Instagram links to profils, pages, or groups etc

If your post or comment gets deleted or doesn’t get approved, don’t make a post asking why it got deleted/not approved. It obviously violated our simple rules.

Please visit our website to learn more about “Our Club Rules at all Social Medias such as Facebook

Stay Safe and Live your life… your Mates of the Original Badass Crew

E-Mail us at:
If you use Instagram, Twitter or Telegram please come, see and join us: @cheersmateclub our main and publich facebook pages you find at Cheers Mate Club (WorldWide) and our future news page Cheers Mate Club News

Malcolm X had a gun…..he had an “ASSAULT RIFLE”

AE418CB0-15DB-41CE-B049-C872301F00B6Malcolm X had a gun…..he had an “ASSAULT RIFLE”. A rifle he kept to defend his family, his home and himself. We know about Malcolm X’s rifle because there is a famous picture of him holding it. A photograph that was in “Life” magazine in March of 1964 and again in “Ebony” in September of that same year.

In the picture, Malcolm X is holding the gun in his right hand, and pulling back the blinds on his window with his left hand. He was looking outside his Queens, New York, home to keep watch, to make sure mobs or assassins were not approaching.

He had good cause.

A year after the picture was taken, on Valentine’s Day 1965, his house was firebombed and, carrying that rifle, he ran with his wife and children outside to safety.

And a week after that, on February 21, 1965, while giving a speech, with his family in the audience, Malcolm X was assassinated by a group of men from the Nation of Islam.

The Democrat gun bans being foisted on this country today would strip Malcolm X of the ability to defend his home and family.

Just as they strip you of the ability to defend your home and family.

Here is this hero of the left, one of the paragons of progressives, and he felt that a military assault rifle ( M1 carbine) , with high-capacity magazines ( 2- 30 round magazines taped together), was the best way to defend his family.

He wasn’t a gun nut, he wasn’t a gang banger, he was a husband and a father. He was a free American.


#ShallNotBeInfringed #WeAreTheCMC #CheersMateClub

New Membership Management

02C92F33-41A0-466A-B15D-CB84E370186BMessage from Danny Carter who is responsabile for new club memberships now

ENGLISH: I need from everyone please the following data for inclusion in the member file!

Name first Name
Postcode (Zip)
Provinc / State
Phone / mobile phone (optional)
Birthday (optional)
Serving in a Authority (Federal / Military or state law enforcement)
Username name on Facebook
Username at telegram messenger

Please PN Danny direct via the messenger
Danny Carter
or via telegram
or by email

Need the data from everyone in this group, please!

NOTE: Your data is saved on the server, of course, will not be shared with third parties!


DEUTSCH: Ich benötige von Jedem bitte folgende Daten zur Aufnahme in die Mitgliederdatei!

Telefon/Handy (optional)
Geburtstag (optional)
Beruf Behörde (Bund/Land)
Nutzernamen bei Facebook
Nutzernamen bei Telegram messanger

Bitte PN über den Messenger an
Danny Carter
oder via Telegram an
oder per Mail an

Benötige von Jedem in dieser Gruppe die Daten,bitte!

HINWEIS: Eure Daten sind auf dem Server save,werden selbstverständlich nicht an Dritte weitergegeben!

First official Cheers Mate Club Challenge Coin

D75C9CC0-0091-42D8-AFE9-3BB05E3B4D3DHey Mates, are you ready to place your preorder of  our first and official Cheers Mate Club Challenge Coin now?

This coin is only in a kit of two coins available to order. Anyone who is interested has to written a message to his local charter management (Sarch for your charter here) or if you don’t find a local charter post below the post and we will then be contacted you with price and delivery terms and times.

The Cheers Mate Club does not want behind the great tradition and now introduces our first club coin. The first edition “Zero Fucks” was designed in the sense that most of the civilians and leftist don’t really understand us, which does not matter to us so „Zero Fucks“. We also brought the original coin game to the club. Note everyone who buys this club coin automatically accepts these rules (see below the OCC Game rules). We will design from time-to-time a new coin with a own story too.

HISTORY OF THE COINS: The tradition of the so-called Challenge Coins has been adapted by most of NATO units. These individually coins have their origins in the times of the First World War. Wealthy college graduates, mainly from Yale or Harvard, who went to war, were coins after the „War Coins“ or „Challenge Coins“ on which the insignia of their unit were immortalized and should commemorate the time.

Rules of the „Original Challenge Coin Game (OCC Game)“
OCC game is a military tradition with murky roots. The game is played where one service member at a bar etc. challenges another to present their challenge coin. If the challenged doesn’t have their coin, they have to buy the challenger a drink. If the challenged club member has their club coin or military or law enforcement official coin get a round on the challenger.

Fake Product, don’t order the phone cover

We are totally shocked on facebook was a large advertising campaign were a company sell a really cool phone covers offers for our iPhones and  Samsung Phone. We thought to have one lf the cool covers been cool design of the covers was based on our favorite handguns for example Glock g4.

Now we need to inform our club members about the quality and design of the cover left original image out of the advertised and right the image of the crap produxt what you get a difference like day and night we advise everyone don‘t buy this cover you will be nor happy with the item



One of the Advertisements at Facebook DON‘T BUY IT!!!



YouTube updates gun content policies to ban videos promoting sale or manufacture of firearms, accessories

DA966310-1394-4D8E-899B-1CA44E07A043The new guidelines around gun-related content go into effect next month.

YouTube is updating its restrictions on gun-related content, prohibiting videos that aim to sell firearms and firearm accessories via private sales or offer instructions on building a firearm, ammunition, or firearm accessories. It is also restricting videos that show users how to install gun-related accessories or modify firearms.
Announced in a post on the YouTube Help Forum, the following policies on content featuring firearms will go into effect next month:

B3E96F37-267A-4220-94BE-D25FAF2D778FThe ban on videos that intend to sell firearms or certain firearms accessories, also includes videos that link out to sites that sell those items.
“We routinely make updates and adjustments to our enforcement guidelines across all of our policies. While we’ve long prohibited the sale of firearms, we recently notified creators of updates we will be making around content promoting the sale or manufacture of firearms and their accessories, specifically, items like ammunition, gatling triggers, and drop-in auto sears. We will begin enforcing these new guidelines next month. We recommend creators take a look at our Help Center and review their own content during that time.” a YouTube spokesperson told Marketing Land.
YouTube has had policies around gun-related content for some time now. In October, following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, it banned videos demonstrating how to convert firearms to fire more quickly (e.g. using bump stocks). These policy changes around firearm content come after the mass shooting in Parkland, FL has reignited the gun control debate. According to YouTube, it has been collaborating with several experts over the last four months to create this policy update.


IMPORTANT CLUB NEWS: Facebook bans 2 million-person ‘Britain First’ group and its leaders’ profiles.

facebook-ban-onyx-truth-615x400IMPORTANT CLUB NEWS: Facebook bans 2 million-person ‘Britain First’ group and its leaders’ profiles. The decision to ban the group was made after the group ignored a final warning about posting content that violated community standards. This Cheers Mate Club don’t support the movement ‘Britain First’  but the ban of then is not acceptable at all. 
This is a good example of why we (Cheers Mate Club) have our rules, here in our facebook groups, pages, etc. do not want to have any right or left radical posts of course we will still posts to support our western troops, support law enforcement and nato and support Israel. So mates we will continue to work according to these rules and think for the same reason we do not allow facebook links to pages, profiles, groups or events.


005A0EFB-AC0B-4654-9756-ADE4E28E9432Hey Mates, as you know, our club is already dominated by naval commandos and navy soldiers and seals. When these pictures were sent to us, we had to post them to remind you all about our oceans, we must protect then, we are killing our maritime world step by step. Marine protection affects us all no matter which country we come from or which political party and direction we belong to. Please share these pictures and draw everyone’s attention to what is happening all over the world, including in Europe and North America. Thank you

598DDA63-83AB-4C69-A3E7-60377AA974D6 041855A8-5A82-4F3E-8427-E9A70699D6D4 E0ECE660-97E4-484A-81DB-3F377ABB5134 817B0D27-2AA5-43E0-88F6-5037F427029A E290ABB9-C687-4E91-9FFF-2599220C3AB0 98F5F3F0-99BB-4007-840B-9A3FE4CD0BCA

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