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Dear Mates,

On the 27th of May the annual HERO WOD MURPH took place in Vienna. The event was hosted by the notorious JAB CLUB located in the 23rd District-southbound VIE and once again it was an awesome feel to suffer (albeit JUST physically) along with comrades/mates from other units (MIL and LEO). In awe and to honor the fallen who never made it back to their families so that others could the challenge was split into three categories:

SCALED: 1 mile run, 100 chin ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run – NO VEST

OPERATOR: (the class I competed in): same as SCALED but with 10 pound vest and as SPLIT (5/10/15 for 20 rds)

B.A.M.F: same as OPERATOR but NO split allowed

Being an active myself I smashed my ex-buddies dog tag on the chin-up bar and remembered the good old times every time I pulled that body up… drawn to the sky the fallen await us from above.

After 51min29sec I crossed the finishing line-placing third in my class. Not really a fan of trophies as there is no replacing a human life I still took the award in remembrance of those who gave so much and those who still do. And of course also as a salute to my fellow mates all over that torn planet. Someday we will earn the fruits of our deeds-be it in this life or another. As long as we stick together we will prevail! Nothing left to say but:

Cheers Mates!


Ps.: Link and Pics



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