Blue Thin Line and Armed Forces Veteran – Patch

We’ve made a lot of patches in the last three years but have not done anything for our veterans or our Blue Law Enforcement members. Now let’s change that. We offer now two new patches for pre-order. We will collect orders as last time and then make the patch exclusive again, we need 70 patches pre-orders to get the patch and to cover the tool costs. Pre paid orders you can place online at our store.

  • Size: 5.5cm x 7.5cm
  • Material: Silcon
  • Back: Velcro hooks
  • Color: Black / Blue / White or Brown / Ral 8000 / Black

Order “Blue Thin Line – Patch”: or to order “Armed Forces Veteran – Patch”:

CMC_Blue_Lives_Matter_AD Armed_Forces_Veteran_CMC_Patch_Sticker_Shirt_SF_AD

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