Freedom or Fuck you Shirt

Freedom or Fuck you T-SHIRT WhiteThe Cheers Mate Club motto is above all. We want to show that no one can take our freedom, our liberty, or that our veterans did not fight for Communists or Nazis for it. Democracy is not perfect but it guarantees our freedom, everyone who wants to take away the freedom or to take away the right to own firearms, SUV etc is our enemy. To order at our shop

Cheers Mate Club Infidel Olive T-Shirt

Cheers_Mate_Club_Infidel_ShirtThe terrorist attack in Manchester (UK) has caused the barrel to overflow. Therefore we have again a new t-shirt in planning what exactly reflects what we all believe and like to do. We are proud to be an Infidel and we believe in “Freedom or F?ck you”.

Ready to pre-order at:


The terrorist attack in Manchester (UK) has caused the barrel to overflow. Therefore we have again a new rubber patch in planning what exactly reflects what we all believe and like to do. We will collect orders as last time and then make the patch exclusive again, we need 70 patches pre-orders to get the patch and to cover the tool costs.

We will produce three colors:
a) Black/White – Tactical Black
b) Brown/Ral8000 – Multi Terran (Tan backgraund Brown outlines)
c) Pink/Black – A Special for our Tactical Sisters

ONE SPECIAL THE TIME: This patch’s are is only available for those who own already our original “Cheers Mate Club – Original Badass Crew” patch.
If you make an order for this patch please send us a photo with your “Cheers Mate Club – Original Badass Crew” patch or a Invoice number of you last buying or if you get the patch as a gift tell us from who.

Price and delivery cost available online at our shop

R.E.D. Friday T-Shirt


ENGLISH: Support our troops (French: Appuyons nos troupes) is a slogan commonly used in the United States and Canada in reference to each country’s military forces or troops. The slogan has been used during recent conflicts, including the Gulf War and the Iraq war. We hope that you will see very soon, a great many people wearing Red every Friday.  If every one of us who likes our European Union and his Forces will share this with acquaintances, coworkers, friends, and family, it will not be long before many parts of the European Union is covered in RED and it will let our troops know the once “silent” majority is on their side more than ever, certainly more than the media lets on. Cheers Mate Club® has designed this shirt, which is our way to practice and support the idea of the Red Friday also in Europa, it is the first and last RED SHIRT in our LifeStyle collection. This shirt will be available soon, advance orders are welcome. YOU CAN PRE-ORDER THE SHIRT IN THE STORE.

– On the chest our “Heros War Dog Tags” at the back “Red Artwork” left arm Cheers Mate Club logo and at the right arm Freedom or F*ck you logo
– The T-shirt comes only in Red
– Available in sizes S-3XL.
– 160 g / m², 100% cotton
– Neckband, double seam at sleeves, neck and hem, preshrunk tubular fabric for optimum shape retention

DEUTSCH: Support our Troops  “Unterstützt unsere Truppen” (Französich:  Appuyons nos troupes) ist der Slogan in den Vereinigten Staaten und Kanada, der die Leute dazu bewegt die Streitkräfte des Landes zu unterstützen. Dieser Slogan wurde während der jüngsten Konflikte genutzt. Dazu zählen der Golfkrieg und der Irakkrieg. Wir hoffen, dass ihr schon sehr bald  jeden Freitag viele Menschen in Rot sehen werdet. Wenn jeder von uns, der  die Europäische Union und ihre Streitkräfte mag und dies seinen Bekannten, Arbeitskollegen, Freunden und der Familie zeigt oder es mit ihnen teilt  , dann werden schnell viele Teile Europas in Rot bekleidet sein. Es vermittelt unseren Streitkräften, das “die stille Mehrheit” mehr als je zuvor auf ihrer Seite ist, Sicherlich weitaus besser als es die Medien vermitteln können. Cheers Mate Club® hat dieses Shirt entworfen um die Idee des ”Red Friday” auch innerhalb Europas zu unterstützen, es ist das erste und einzige „RED Shirt“ in unserer LifeStyle Collection. Das Shirt wird bald erhältlich sein, Vorbestellungen sind willkommen. IHR KÖNNT DAS SHIRT IM SHOP VORBESTELLEN.

– Auf der Brust ist das “Heros War Dog Tags” Artwork, auf der Rückseite das „R.E.D. Artwork“, auf dem linken Arm das „Cheers Mate Club“ Logo, auf dem rechten Arm das „Freedom or F*ck You“ Logo.
– Das T-Shirt gibt es nur in ROT
– Erhältlich in den Größen S-3XL.
– 160 g / m², 100% Baumwolle
– Doppelt gesäumte Ärmel und Kragen, Einlauf vorbehandeltes Schlauchgewebe für optimale Formbeständigkeit

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