Cheers Mate Club (USA) our US central charter starts now with patches and memberships

IMG_6707The first President of the Cheers Mate Club (USA) facebook group:

We feel really sorry that you have to wait so long time of us, until we are right on the US continent arrive with a great management. Mr. Derrick Lee Beck (Email: based in Georgia is the President of the main US Charter and handels now all local charters in the US such as Georgia, Texas, Washington State. We working right now on now on to setup more charters, for that we need you, you who has local mates who think that West Europa and th me United States needs to stay together, we all know our enemies, we all believe in Freedom and Democracy. So contact Derrick by email or facebook and have s chat together with the club founder in Europa to setup your local charter.

First Exclusive for US Mate’ patch

We have now begun to design a US patch, so that also our mates in the US reveal themselves among each other about it. We are very pleased that so many people have already order from us direct out the US. Now you need to order the patch direct in the US, Right now Derrick collect orders ro hold rhe delivery cost small.

Our Cheers Mate Club “Murica F?ck Yeah!” patch you can pre-order now for $9.00 future retail will be $13.50 from today on, dateline will be the 20 of September 2017. Please email us your order at:

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