The official “Original Badass Crew®” club business card

Business_card_front_and_back_ADIn the last weeks and months, our Cheers Mate Club® is getting bigger and bigger and opens up more and more charters with full members who live and love our lifestyle. So that our members are more and more offensive and therefore more and more people are interested in us, and to joining us. It was time to support these members who push the club and charters with a universal club business card. Of course, we can not do without the club motto “Freedom or F?ck you” so ww print it on the back side and use the accordingly logo for it. Also you can enter your name, phone / mobile phone, and email address. The front side we wanted to create extraordinary what we wanted to do well. You can instantly express your feelings.

We have three price packigs

  1. 10 cards for 3,55€
  2. 25 cards for 6,55€
  3. 50 cards for 13,55€
    (to order at our official online store ( or at you local charter if you a cardet or full member)

So order your official “Original Badass Crew®” club business card and you are for sure next time at the pub/bar the burner?

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