Club News: No Excuse anymore!!!


Hey Mates, 

Special logo to show our lifestyle and send a clear message. The club leadership has finally enough!!! we will kick out  any kind of extremists no matter if there a left radical or right radical you are not welcome here in our club. We do not care if you find the unfair of us or not, you may like to complain about that we do not care about “freedom of expression” well that’s correct we don’t care, our club rules are more important to us. You can tell us, for example, that the police in Saxony (Germany) are all nazis and we tell you, they are not and f?ck you. Do not come around the corner and try to score with minority bonuses such as your homosexual, or you are jewish or your are foreigners etc answer from us is: WOW!!! we don’t care and f?ck you. Yes we are Conservative, yes we like firearms and weapons, good party’s and love BBQ‘s and we all represent western democratic view but that does not mean that we want to be bothered in our private time with your political insanity in our club, online or in real life, leave us and  F?ck you. 

We will not discuss anymore, we really have enough and believe us even if you know one or the other from the leaders of the club and you think you are an special friend with him on Facebook etc it’s makes no difference from today, heads will roll if people do not submit to our rules here he wants to prevent that then just go voluntarily.






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