HelpUS – Organ Donation


Dear Mates and Friends of the Club,
We have many members or even friends who are affected by the lack of organs worldwide and we would like to help now that this lack has an end. Many of you are afraid to carry an organ donor card because of the prejudice that you would be exploited or declared to be premature death, that’s all nonsense, only stupid people believe that. DO NOT BE AN ASSHOLE AND HELP PEOPLE AFTER YOUR DEATH! 
Active members of the military or law enforcement fight every day for all of us to protect ourselves, veterans have fight for us to protect us, patriots fight every day for their nations, their people their military, law enforcement and veterans… So why your stop after your death? Let us help the living, let us give people a new chance to live.

European Society for Organ Transplantation
PO Box 30 001
NL-97 Groningen
Phone: +44 131 242 1715
Email: office(at)
or Email: secretariat(at)

National contacts:

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