M-12 (UM84) Holster still a solution for International Instructors

3D9C4FC8-B1B9-497C-BEC5-47B8EFD8EEACMany of our followers have already asked us the questions such as “how we take with us our pistol when we do trainings outside of Germany but inside of the European Union?“ The answer is always the same “We try to avoid going abroad with our own weapons in other European Union countries because the paperwork is much“ Of course the question arises then how do you do handle the pistol holster problem? you can not have a holster for every tactical pistol in the world wish is true.

The solution is so easy…. We use a holster out of the 1990 years the M-12 (UM84) Holster made by the US brand “Bianchi International“ with the NSN 1095-01-194-3343. The M-12 holster is a holster made of nylon with steel and plastic inserts and suitable for almost all common tactical duty pistols as seen on the photo hu Glock17 or Steyr Mannlicher A1-L also fit for Beretta, Walther P99, Colt 1911, SigSauer and Heckler & Koch USP, P30 etc or even Russian made handguns like Makarov, P-96S or SR-1M / SR-1MP etc. You can use it on your belt, molle system, and you get a lots of optional parts such a shoulder holster system, leg platform, etc

Here is a super great offer from “Valhalla Express Srl“ for only 30.00euro plus shipping from Italy. To order email Fabio or via facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013643432092

Distributor: Valhalla Express Srl
Person of Contact: Fabio Viccardi
Phone: 0039-380.1257839
E-Mail: Info@valhallaexpress.it
Website: http://www.valhallaexpress.it
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Valhallaexpresssrl/

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