Malcolm X had a gun…..he had an “ASSAULT RIFLE”

AE418CB0-15DB-41CE-B049-C872301F00B6Malcolm X had a gun…..he had an “ASSAULT RIFLE”. A rifle he kept to defend his family, his home and himself. We know about Malcolm X’s rifle because there is a famous picture of him holding it. A photograph that was in “Life” magazine in March of 1964 and again in “Ebony” in September of that same year.

In the picture, Malcolm X is holding the gun in his right hand, and pulling back the blinds on his window with his left hand. He was looking outside his Queens, New York, home to keep watch, to make sure mobs or assassins were not approaching.

He had good cause.

A year after the picture was taken, on Valentine’s Day 1965, his house was firebombed and, carrying that rifle, he ran with his wife and children outside to safety.

And a week after that, on February 21, 1965, while giving a speech, with his family in the audience, Malcolm X was assassinated by a group of men from the Nation of Islam.

The Democrat gun bans being foisted on this country today would strip Malcolm X of the ability to defend his home and family.

Just as they strip you of the ability to defend your home and family.

Here is this hero of the left, one of the paragons of progressives, and he felt that a military assault rifle ( M1 carbine) , with high-capacity magazines ( 2- 30 round magazines taped together), was the best way to defend his family.

He wasn’t a gun nut, he wasn’t a gang banger, he was a husband and a father. He was a free American.


#ShallNotBeInfringed #WeAreTheCMC #CheersMateClub

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