New “Terrorist Hunter” Car Sticker soon available

Terroist Hunter Car StickersThe terrorist attack in Manchester (UK) has caused the barrel to overflow. Time for a Car window stickers are placed on the inside of the glass to be viewed from the outside. We also manufacture the sticker for your weapon case etc in 60cm and also in Black/White but also in Brown/Ral8000. This sticker we collect the orders, so place your pre-order online.

Two versions and colors available

a) Window inside sticker Is your choice what color you choose from the two
b) Outside vinyl sticker Is your choice what color you choose from the two

ONE SPECIAL THE TIME: This stickers are only available for those who own already our original “Cheers Mate Club – Original Badass Crew” patch.
If you make an order for this sticker please send us a photo with your “Cheers Mate Club – Original Badass Crew” patch or a order number of your last buying or if you get the patch as a gift tell us from who.
Price and delivery cost available online at

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