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New club t-shirts “Operation Iraqi Freedom”

A few of our club members who were together in Iraq as soldiers and later as a security contractors on tour have met and have remembered at this time … So time for us to honor these club members so we made a shirt

Operation Iraqi Freedom (Olive Series):

Operation Iraqi Freedom (Black Kit):



Cheers Mate Club Support Israel

Support_IsraelThis patch is not just a brand of the Cheers Mate Club® it also represents the attitude of our club that we support the state of Israel. Real patriots, veterans and of course active military professionals and law enforcement support the state of Israel since we all know that the state of Israel is the only democracy and our only and trustful allied in the middle east. Powerful freedom-loving citizens shows his support with the patch “I SUPPORT ISRAEL” and that is what this patch stands for.

To place a pre-order just visit our online store or click of one of the links below

  • I Support Israel (Original Flag) :
  • I Support Israel (Multi Terrain):
  • I Support Israel (Wood/Mountain):

Cheers Mate Club – Cigar & Whisky Lovers

IMG_8328The club continues developing and becomes bigger every day, which has begun with a facebook group, has been increasing over the past months with groups throughout the world so-called charter. Now the development goes on and there are groups on topics which are important to our members of the club, today we can introduce you to the group “Cheers Mate Club – Cigar & Whiskey Lovers“. As the name says, every thing goes around cigars and whiskey in this group. No matter whether man or woman, beginners or experts everyone is welcome in the sub-group of our club but our standard rules and terms you need agrees with it. What are you waiting for today in the group  “Cheers Mate Club – Cigar & Whiskey Lovers“.

Facebook page:

Cheers Mate Club Support NATO, so show YOU SUPPORT TOO with our new patch “I SUPPORT NATO”

NATO_Kit_1Most of you know how close our connection to NATO is. Right now we have a lots members in our club who serving for NATO in different locations a cross the world. The political and defense situation on the NATO eastern borders with Russia is very tense. So we make a clear decision to support our NATO brothers and sisters in arms with a own club patch. Now available for pre-order at our website

Sizes and Colos of each patch check out the links below

  1. Cheers Mate Club “I Support NATO” Patch:
  2. Cheers Mate Club “I Support NATO” Patch (Olive):
  3. Cheers Mate Club “I Support NATO” Patch (Black Kit): 

Cheers Mate Club “I Support NATO” Patch (Combat Ready Kit) this means you buy all three patches and
you save extra 0,50 on top our discount of the single patches. 


Photo of the Week


First time in our club history we have two great photos of the week ?? Left: our full member (Trooper) UWE waring our club shirt in front of a Dingo and of the right side Steffen with our “Infidel” shirt… Steffen makes a funny photo description “Drill Instructor…. Im the most lazy motherfucker ever?” … Cheers Mates have a nice long weekend

Hugh Hefner is dead

IMG_7835Hugh Hefner is dead
Hugh Hefner died at the age of 91 years. This confirmed the “Playboy” magazine he founded.

Hugh Hefner ist tot
Hugh Hefner ist im Alter von 91 Jahren gestorben. Das bestätigte das von ihm gegründete “Playboy”-Magazin.

BITTE TEILEN: Waffenbesitzer Obacht

Im Kreis Recklinghausen sorgt ein zweiseitiges Schreiben der Polizei Recklinghausen an die Betreiber von Schießständen für Aufregung.

Das Schreiben könnte man zur Aufforderung die eigenen Vereinskameraden zu bespitzeln verstehen. Es entsteht der Verdacht, dass legale Waffenbesitzer von der Polizei und der Politik für potenzielle Terroristen und Amokläufer gehalten werden.

Am 24.09.17 ist Bundestagswahl! …. Ein vorschlag ist die FDP

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