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IMG_5165Hey Mates, Please do us a favor and don’t post always old news or Twitter news that somebody from the police Twitter has written off here that brings us nothing. We have so far an abundance of fake news wish we deleted here non stop and please mates do not believe everyone Shit in the other “tactical” or “professional” groups/pages or super “Operators” or “Instructors” at Facebook or in other social media platform. We have real and well know it members on duty at Hamburg from Germany. Austria and few other nations. You don’t help our guys st hamburg if you spray old or fake news arround. We will post on our club website later tonight a report… If you have real news or you an active law enforcement officer and you like to become a group member in our exclusive telegram messanger group (free of charge download and membership), please drop via telegram a request st @roterstd

CMC Support all Law Enforcement Officers at the G20 in Hamburg (Germany)

IMG_5091German:  Der CMC hofft,das alle eingesetzten Kollegen und Freunde die Nacht gesund überstehen!!!
#g20 #polizei #rettungskräfte #militär

Die Großdemo “Welcome to Hell” hat begonnen…es wird mit ca. 8000 gewaltbereiten Linksextremisten gerechnet und dem größten schwarzen Block der je in Deutschland aufmaschiert ist.

Liebe Kollegen,zeigt dem linken Gesindel die harte Hand und passt auf Euch auf!
#watchyoursix #staystrong #thinblueline

English: The CMC hopes that all the colleagues and friends who are used to the night will be healthy!
# G20 # police # rescue workers # military

The big demo “Welcome to Hell” has begun … it is reckoned with approx. 8000 violent left-wing extremists and the largest black block ever recorded in Germany.

Dear Colleagues, show the left handy the hard hand and take care of you!
#watchyoursix #staystrong #thinblueline

Hamburg Chartergruppe: G20 Support

IMG_4777Hallo Hamburg und Hamburg Besucher, wenn Ihr noch nicht in diesem Charter seid, dann bitte geht rein.
Es sind ein paar von uns, die hier im Club sind, auf dem G 20 Gipfel (Dienstlich). Vielleicht braucht der eine oder ander vor Ort Hilfe oder Ihr könnt den Jungs und Mädels die vor Ort sind unterstützen (mit einer Pizza oder Fischbrötchen ?)…
Also die von Euch, die in Hamburg sind (Dienstlich auf dem G20 Gipfel) und die da wohnen sprecht Euch ab in der Hamburg Chartergruppe:

Photo of the Week: Sebo founding Member of the Club

We are proud to present you one of our Founding members Sebastian “SEBO” Mederle. All of the founding members are market hom self with a special patch “Original Shot Killer” as most of you knows the history of our club, At club founding, the name was watered with shots (there was not much water in the shots). Thats why  “Original Shot Killer” IMG_4664



IMG_4539Cheers Mate Club Support the movement: WE WANT A OFFICIAL EUROPEAN ARMED FORCES DAY AT THE 7 OF MAY. This is your page, and we really want you to get involved and show your support. Why the 7 of May? The final battles of the European theatre of World War II as well as the German surrender to the Soviet Union and the Western Allies took place in late April and early May 1945. The German instrument of surrender signed at Reims was at the 7 of May 1945 so this date is perfect to honor all soldiers, regardless of which European Union nation they come, skin color, religion etc. and with regardless you were in combat on duty or were responsible for our homeland security and defense on duty, this is their day be to honor them and to conect a new generation of proud Europeans who never serve and lets thank them together as Europeans for their hard work to protect our democracy, lifestyle, culture, protect religious freedom, and to preserve the future of nations and Generation’s of FREE PEOPLE AND NATIONS OF FREEDOM… Show your support at:

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