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Texas Man Buys Sherman Tank And Parks It In Front Of His House, Upsetting HOA

73F77671-9510-44AF-8210-E3129AB0ADFBA Houston attorney is going to battle with his homeowner’s association after purchasing a fully restored World War II M4 Sherman tank and parking it in his upscale River Oaks, Texas neighborhood.

“Took a year to get here but now it’s on River Oaks Boulevard,” owner Tony Buzbee told KHOU news site. “This particular tank landed at Normandy. It liberated Paris and ultimately went all the way to Berlin. There’s a lot of history here. Not everyone wants a piece of history rolling through the swanky neighborhood, however. River Oaks Property Owners, the local homeowner’s association, is going after Buzbee, sending him letters suggesting the tank causes traffic problems and poses a safety issue. The HOA also claims the roughly 33-ton tank is creating “serious concerns for neighbors.“ “It’s not violating any ordinance, but for some people it makes the homeowner’s association uncomfortable,” Buzbee said.

While the tank is fully functional, it has been demilitarized, meaning its weapons are no longer operational, according to Popular Mechanics.

Buzbee purchased the tank on auction from a French museum that was closing down last year, according to The American Lawyer. It is believed to be the second tank of first platoon, Charlie Company under the 66th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division, based on its markings, Popular Mechanics reported.

But Buzbee doesn’t plan to give in to the HOA’s demands.

“The problem is there is no action they can take,” Buzbee told KHOU. “They can ticket it or they can try to tow it, but the truth is unless I decide to move it, it’s not going anywhere.

Buzbee lives in a swanky neighborhood, consisting of mostly multi-million dollar homes. He himself is particularly noteworthy for his workas the attorney for Texas Gov. Rick Perry in his 2016 felony case for abuse of power and against British Petroleum for exposing 10 people to toxic emissions in 2009.

KHOU tried to reach out to neighbors who wanted to see the tank removed from the street, but reportedly found none.

“It’s great for America,” Buzbee’s neighbor Ken Douglas told KHOU.

Still, the tank isn’t going to reside outside Buzbee’s home on River Oaks Boulevard permanently. He plans to move the iconic World War II combat vehicle to his another property in a few weeks. Until then, Buzbee isn’t concerned about the homeowner’s association’s war on his tank.

10. Special Forces Workshop 2018, in Güstrow (Germany)

42E5C742-3D28-49EE-8585-08BE5B2B2E75DEUTSCH: Sind gerade auf dem Weg zum 10. Special Forces Workshop 2018, in Güstrow (Germany) der von den Baltic Shooters veranstaltet wird. Wir „Centurio Design / Warfare Frog 779 und Max-Cuff, LLC und Tiger Stripe Products haben dort einen Stand. Wir präsentieren dort exklusiv und erstmalig unser „CornerViewer“. Außerdem wird der Cheers Mate Club bei uns zu finden sein, repräsentiert durch den 1. Vice President „Ingo“. Wer da ist schaut mal vorbei bei uns.

ENGLISH: Right now on the way to the „10th Special Forces Workshop 2018 (#SFW2018)“, in #Güstrow (Germany), organized by the Baltic Shooters. We ” Centurio Design / Warfare Frog 779!and Max-Cuff, LLC and Tiger Stripe Products have a booth there. We are presenting there exclusively and for the first time our #CornerViewer “. In addition, the Cheers Mate Club will be located here, represented by the 1st Vice President “Ingo”. Who is there, look over here.

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Cheers Mate Club – Telegram Messanger

DAB1CCED-3EE9-4172-B49D-A5121894C20FDear Mates,

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Vandals Destroy U.S. NavySEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Stone

63566D6B-2E41-4FF0-9B79-020A3405B4B9The Operation Redwing hero’s memorial stone was found shattered on Thursday.

Lake Ronkonkoma, NY – The Serenity Plaza centerpiece memorial stone honoring fallen Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy and his sacrifice has been shattered by vandals, police said on Thursday.

The stone and surrounding brick and black granite memorial of Serenity Plaza sits on the shore of Lake Ronkonkoma, where Lt. Murphy once worked as a lifeguard and manager, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

The circular slab featured an etching of the uniformed lieutenant, who was part of a four-man Navy SEAL reconnaissance mission deep behind enemy lines in the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005, according to the Navy’s Medal of Honor website.

The team was scouting Ahmad Shah, the terrorist leader of a guerilla group aligned with the Taliban, when they were spotted by locals.

An estimated 50 enemy combatants attacked the SEALs from three sides, pushing the team further into a deep ravine.

Approximately 45 minutes into the gun battle, the team was pinned down and each member was severely wounded.

“Despite the intensity of the firefight and suffering grave gunshot wounds himself, Murphy is credited with risking his own life to save the lives of his teammates,” the Medal of Honor site read. “Murphy, intent on making contact with headquarters, but realizing this would be impossible in the extreme terrain where they were fighting, unhesitatingly and with complete disregard for his own life moved into the open, where he could gain a better position to transmit a call to get help for his men.”

As the enemy continued to fire at him, 29-year-old Lt. Murphy “calmly provided his unit’s location and the size of the enemy force while requesting immediate support for his team,” the military page recounted.

He momentarily dropped the transmitter when a bullet struck him in the back, but Lt. picked it back up, completed his transmission and returned to cover to continue fighting alongside his men until his death.

“By his undaunted courage, intrepid fighting spirit and inspirational devotion to his men in the face of certain death, Lt. Murphy was able to relay the position of his unit, an act that ultimately led to the rescue of [Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class (SEAL) Marcus] Luttrell and the recovery of the remains of the three who were killed in the battle,” the Navy’s Medal of Honor website read.

For his heroic actions, Lt. Murphy was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor, the Sachem Patch reported.

The plaza was dedicated as part of the Navy (SEAL) Lt. Michael Murphy Memorial Park on May 7, 2008, according to the Lake Ronkonkoma Civic Organization.

Suffolk County Police have opened an investigation into who shattered the lieutenant’s memorial stone into thirteen pieces, but have made no arrests, the Sachem Patch reported.

On Thursday the fallen hero’s family issued a statement regarding the vandalism, SEAL of Honor said in a Facebook post.

“The family is heartbroken by the damage to this beautiful monument to our son and the men of Operation Red Wings,” the statement read. “There were so many from the community who volunteered their labor, time and money to build Serenity Plaza.”

“It’s unfortunate that some devalue the service and sacrifice of our Veterans and Fallen Heroes by expressing their outrage or drunken fun through damage to a monument which honors us all as Americans through our Fallen Servicemen and Women,” the family’s statement continued. “What a disgrace.”

Lt. Murphy’s family has offered a cash reward for information leading to the identification of the vandals, and are collecting donations to help replace the destroyed monument, according to the post. 

The Family of Navy SEAL LT Michael Murphy 

Thank you to everyone offering to help replace the monument!  If you wish to help you can make donations to the LT Michael Murphy Foundation.

Campaigners accuse Iceland of slaughtering endangered blue whale

5BA83162-C26D-4EFE-AC90-EEC2703C7D3D2AD042F2-15A0-412C-B4D2-E687A3F43E32Campaigners from the marine conservation charity Sea Shepherd have released pictures which they say show Iceland’s only whaling company, Hvalur hf, butchering the sea creature.

The blue whale, the largest animal on earth, has been considered endangered since 1986. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the total population of the marine mammal has decreased by between 70% to 90% over the past three generations due to commercial whaling.

Kristjan Loftsson, owner of Hvalur hf, denies that the animal the company slaughtered is a blue whale, arguing instead that it is a hybrid between a fin — also an endangered species — and a blue whale. 05EAA263-C87C-4B45-BA89-472E679E5480Dr Phillip Clapham from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in a statement that while the possibility that it is a hybrid can’t be ruled out, there is little to suggest that it is not a blue whale.

“From the photos, it has all the characteristics of a blue whale; given that — notably the coloration pattern — there is almost no possibility that an experienced observer would have misidentified it as anything else at sea,” he said.

Iceland’s response

Campaigners have asked that a DNA test be done to verify from what species the whale is.

Iceland’s Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Kristjan Thor Juliusson, said in a statement published by the BBC that “while initial information suggests that the animal in question was not a blue whale, we take these reports seriously and the relevant authorities are investigating this matter with all urgency.

He went on to say that while Icelandic authorities could not confirm the species, the the directorate of fisheries in Iceland concurred with Loftsson’s suggestion that the whale was likely a fin whale and blue whale hybrid.

Like Japan, Iceland launched a “scientific whaling programme” after the ban on commercial whaling introduced in 1986 by the International Whaling Commission (ICW).

The country resumed commercial whaling in 2006, becoming the second country to do so after Norway, and sets a yearly killing quota. Japan also slaughters whales but continues to argue it is for scientific purposes.

This year Icelandic authorities set a quota of 191 fin whales and hunting season opened on June 10.

Marine Conservation group Hard to Port has been keeping a tally of the killings so far this season and said the latest kill is the 22nd so far.


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EAST GERMANY: Cheers Mate Club (EastSide)

6AD5A621-21F1-4497-938D-442BA9344791Hallo Ostdeutschland,

Wie ihr schon seit längeren wisst,  haben wir für die gesamten Ostdeutschen Charters ein Dach Charter „Cheers Mate Club (EastSide)“ gegründet.
Nach jetzt mehr als einem halben Jahr des Beobachtens über deren Entwicklung,  haben wir beschlossen, nach einer Anfrage des EastSide Charter Präsidenten Ingo und des Vizepräsidenten Sven alle einzelnen Ost Charter aufzulösen, um lediglich ein gesamt Ostdeutsches Charter zu betreiben.
Die Begründung: Es ist uns aufgefallen, dass in den einzelnen Chartern nur geringe bis keine Aktivitäten vorhanden sind. Wir denken durch die Zusammenführung wird es einzelnen Mates erleichtert, in einer größeren Gruppe Aktivitäten zu gestalten, welche die Basis für unsere Clubstruktur und weitere erfolgreiche Entwicklung darstellt. Also bitte Leute, tretet in das Charter ein „Cheers Mate Club (EastSide)“.

Da natürlich einige Posten dort noch besetzt werden müssen und auch diverse Spezialposten, die es auf Grund der Zusammenführung gibt,  meldet euch dafür bitte bei Ingo und Sven.

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