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Blue Thin Line and Armed Forces Veteran – Patch

We’ve made a lot of patches in the last three years but have not done anything for our veterans or our Blue Law Enforcement members. Now let’s change that. We offer now two new patches for pre-order. We will collect orders as last time and then make the patch exclusive again, we need 70 patches pre-orders to get the patch and to cover the tool costs. Pre paid orders you can place online at our store.

  • Size: 5.5cm x 7.5cm
  • Material: Silcon
  • Back: Velcro hooks
  • Color: Black / Blue / White or Brown / Ral 8000 / Black

Order “Blue Thin Line – Patch”: or to order “Armed Forces Veteran – Patch”:

CMC_Blue_Lives_Matter_AD Armed_Forces_Veteran_CMC_Patch_Sticker_Shirt_SF_AD

NEWS FOR OUR GERMAN MATES: EU-Feuerwaffenrichtlinie

8F5B61EB-6BFE-4FC0-AB0B-7EB1EE32F8D4Unsere Freunde von ProLegal e.V. (Der Cheers Mate Club unterstützt ausdrücklich ProLegale.V. und hofft, dass soviele wie möglich von Euch Mitglied sind oder werden), haben wieder was rausgefunden bezüglich der Waffengesetzverschärfung „EU-Feuerwaffenrichtlinie“

Tja, und was passiert nun? Nach Informationen aus dem BMI arbeitet die entsprechende Abteilung mit Hochdruck an der Vorlage, um die EU-Feuerwaffenrichtlinie in das deutsche Waffenrecht einzubringen. Nach Einschätzung eines Informanten werden die dabei entstehenden Waffengesetz”veränderungen” wesentlich drastischer ausfallen als die WaffG-Reformen von 2003 und 2009. Wesentliche Verschärfungen stehen u.a. im Bereich der Deko-Waffen und Vorderlader-Repliken an. Und das alles im Namen der “inneren Sicherheit”…




So liebe #GroKo sprich CDU-Fraktion Berlin und SPD-Bundestagsfraktion was macht ihr dagegen? Meinungsfreiheit hin oder her aber Deutsche Soldaten der Bundeswehr sind KEINE NAZIS ODER SEXISTEN!!! 😡😡😡 Es sind so viele Soldaten, durch euch befohlen, im Auslandseinsatz verletzt oder sogar gestorben. Ihr könnt mal Flagge zeigen, gerade auch die FDP Fraktion Berlin bzw. Christian Lindner, Oliver Luksic, MdB, Karlheinz Busen usw. DIESE KAMPAGNE SCHIESST ÜBER DAS ZIEL HINAUS




We commemorate today the anniversary of the Normandy Landings, known as D-Day. We thought of all soldiers, allies and German soldiers who have left their lives. These soldiers were one of the pillars of today’s bridge between the peoples and the peace we got. Let us all make sure that friends never become enemies again…. Thank you for your service and Rest in Peace of all of you brothers in arms.

Today is Memorial Day in America

04A1FF97-D255-4A84-ADEF-C29F1A3AED02Today is Memorial Day in America, a Day to Remember the Men and Women that gave their Life in Service to the United States. And a chance to reflect upon the cost to the Families and Friends whose loved ones Gave It All for others. So others may Live and Proper in Peace. They were our Father’s, Mother’s, Brother’s, Sister’s, Son’s, Daughters, and overall American’s that loved their Country. May they All RIP, God Comfort their Families and Friends, and America long be filled with Brave and Honorable People worthy of their Memory and Sacrifice. DAA80166-0C55-4D52-BC24-FC358D742D02

The Boonie hats lovers boom at the club😉

6FF846E0-86EB-4BBF-951E-9797E15EE7E2The group of Boonie hats lovers is getting bigger. Here’s a bonnie made in All Terrain Tiger made by Tiger Stripe Products and modified with velcro at the front for a unit patch in our case „Freedom or Fck you“ available to order in our club shop, on the top a velcro for IR patch or for a IR Signal Marker made by Centurio Design and at the back (not to see at the photo) a velcro for name tag‬. The custom updates of the Bonnie hat is real cool and makes sense out of a tactical situations

New Facebook page “Cheers Mate Club News” and what will await you!

We proud to present you our new facebook page Cheers Mate Club News @CheersMateClubNews. We have been planning this project for some time now with a great team from Germans and US Mates. We want to present you here in the future news, reviews, training tips, podcasts, etc. wish we think is for our community important. We were asked “why we do not make this on our main page here in facebook Cheers Mate Club WorldWide @CheersMateClubWorldWide)?” Answer is simply we do not want to go down the information between the “good mood posts”.
If you miss a topic or would like to participate then please write us a private message. We will definitely respond and deal with it.

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