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BITTE TEILEN: Waffenbesitzer Obacht

Im Kreis Recklinghausen sorgt ein zweiseitiges Schreiben der Polizei Recklinghausen an die Betreiber von Schießständen für Aufregung.

Das Schreiben könnte man zur Aufforderung die eigenen Vereinskameraden zu bespitzeln verstehen. Es entsteht der Verdacht, dass legale Waffenbesitzer von der Polizei und der Politik für potenzielle Terroristen und Amokläufer gehalten werden.

Am 24.09.17 ist Bundestagswahl! …. Ein vorschlag ist die FDP

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Photo of the Week


No question at all, the is our photo of the week. Club member Robert W. in our shirt and with a ne comer on the arm 😉…. His titel for the post was “Today held for the first time Princess Anabelle .. Great♥️” … Top mate 😀👍

LIMITED EDITION: One Shot… One Boom (Olive Series)

Cheers Mate Cub_Olive_One_Shot_One_BoomLIMITED EDITION: We will make a limited edition of these shirts. We’ll make only 250 pieces.

On the chest our “One Shot… One Boom Cheers Mate Club” Logo in black
Left sleeve; Freedom or F*ck you logo in black
Right sleeve: Cheers Mate Club logo in black
The T-shirt comes in Olive
Available in sizes S-3XL.
160 g / m², 100% cotton
Neckband, double seam at sleeves, neck and hem, preshrunk tubular fabric for optimum shape retention

To order at:


You all know the our club supports basically all activities of associations which are against firearms and try to stop that our governments ban more and more firearms and defensive weapons. Since this has fallen asleep in the last few months, we are now starting now and want to call all of you up with the shirt. Show every one what you think about EU Firearms Ban.

Direct links to place your t-shirt orderrs

  • Olive:
  • Blue:
  • Black:
  • Yellow:
  • White:

Photos of the week

IMG_6874 IMG_6875Thank you to Basti T. for the photos. Basti’s comment “Hell fucking YEEEESSS👍 Thanks for the delivery and the goodies👏👏👍👍”. We can only apologize for the long delivery time but unfortunately everything came together Supplier has left us for the shirt’s snd then the large numbers of shirt orders has kill us. Same problem we have by the patches but we fix any thing right now.

Cheers Mate Club (USA) our US central charter starts now with patches and memberships

IMG_6707The first President of the Cheers Mate Club (USA) facebook group:

We feel really sorry that you have to wait so long time of us, until we are right on the US continent arrive with a great management. Mr. Derrick Lee Beck (Email: based in Georgia is the President of the main US Charter and handels now all local charters in the US such as Georgia, Texas, Washington State. We working right now on now on to setup more charters, for that we need you, you who has local mates who think that West Europa and th me United States needs to stay together, we all know our enemies, we all believe in Freedom and Democracy. So contact Derrick by email or facebook and have s chat together with the club founder in Europa to setup your local charter.

First Exclusive for US Mate’ patch

We have now begun to design a US patch, so that also our mates in the US reveal themselves among each other about it. We are very pleased that so many people have already order from us direct out the US. Now you need to order the patch direct in the US, Right now Derrick collect orders ro hold rhe delivery cost small.

Our Cheers Mate Club “Murica F🖕ck Yeah!” patch you can pre-order now for $9.00 future retail will be $13.50 from today on, dateline will be the 20 of September 2017. Please email us your order at:

A Vet Support People in Texas and become the first Cheers Mate Club “SixKiller” in the USA

IMG_6690We was deep impressed from our charter in the United States, how does mates have work together to support and help people over in Houston (Texas) and in a few other counties around houston.

Our leaders over there Derrick and Sahar share with me a information about real mate “Scott Peckham” a Iraq Veteran and Veteran Business Owner (TacticalGear.Sale) who real do a lots to support people abd local law enforcement in Texas with donations of money up to donations of gear and equipment for local law enforcement officers.

I send him a message to tell him our respect about his doing and I resived the answer from Scott

Brother thank you for those kind words. I was raised to believe that nothing we aquire in this life is going to go with us when we die and we are all part of the same energy on this planet so we are to put ourselves in a place where we can help other people along their journey of that means words of encouragement, funds, helping with basic needs, or working with our hands to help them. My parents were both born in the 30s and I assume between Native American and Christian values they had their own code of ethics. I don’t feel like I’m anyone special I just want to do my part to help. I would hope that if I ever was in need there would be those willing to help although historically that hasn’t been my case. Figure the good fight and if there’s anything I can do for you or your group please let me know. I have many multimedia resources as well if you need some publications from the US.
Take care

Scott, you real special and makes us proud to welcome you in the club and to make you to VIP member by the way the first one in the US. We name the club rank “SixKiller” a patch and shirt goes soon in the mail to you and we like to push is company check out

StammzellspenderIn gesucht: Forster GdP-Kollegin braucht Eure Hilfe!

IMG_6524Unsere Kollegin und GdP-Mitglied Denise ist an Krebs erkrankt und sucht dringend nach einem geeigneten Stammzellspender.

Die 40-jährige Polizeihauptmeisterin und Mutter eines 14-jährigen Sohnes kämpft bereits zum dritten Mal gegen Lymphdrüsenkrebs, eine Form von Blutkrebs. Eine Stammzellspende ist die einzige Chance auf Heilung. Dabei geht es um die Suche nach der Stecknadel im Heuhaufen: Denise kann nur geheilt werden, wenn sich eine geeignete Spenderin oder ein geeigneter Spender mit den passenden Gewebemerkmalen findet.
Grundsätzlich kann jeder gesunde Mensch, der zwischen 17 und 55 Jahren alt ist, Stammzellspender werden. Wie genau Ihr Stammzellspender werden könnt, erfahrt Ihr hier:

Weitere Infos gibt es auch hier auf Facebook unter Denise aus Forst braucht Dich