PLEASE SHARE: Missing Lars Mittank

96A0958A-C400-4BB7-A388-0CC84FF24F0EHey Mates, we like to help snd support the family and friends of Lars Mittank which has been missing for some time now, since 2014. The family abd friends run a facebook page Findet Lars Mittank and website Lars has vacationed in Bulgaria to the gold beach there, he must have been stressed out with other tourists, but perhaps native and therefore could not make the return flight he is then a hotel lodged according to all the television report with the name „Hotel Color“ the hotel is a place for drugs and hookers. He returns ones to the airport waiting of western union wire and try to get help from the airport medic center. For unexplained reasons, he left the medic emergency room and leave the medication back there because of a ruptured eardrum were prescribed, it is believed from the first responder team at the ER therefore seen a uniformed officer who apparently made him afraid from the point sby official source loses the track about Lars. So if you are on vacation in Bulgaria on the Golden Beach then open your eyes and just take a look around when you find any information please be so kind and report all infos directly on the „Findet Lars MittankFacebook page or use the website. The family and friends will be thankful for any informations.

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