A Vet Support People in Texas and become the first Cheers Mate Club “SixKiller” in the USA

IMG_6690We was deep impressed from our charter in the United States, how does mates have work together to support and help people over in Houston (Texas) and in a few other counties around houston.

Our leaders over there Derrick and Sahar share with me a information about real mate “Scott Peckham” a Iraq Veteran and Veteran Business Owner (TacticalGear.Sale) who real do a lots to support people abd local law enforcement in Texas with donations of money up to donations of gear and equipment for local law enforcement officers.

I send him a message to tell him our respect about his doing and I resived the answer from Scott

Brother thank you for those kind words. I was raised to believe that nothing we aquire in this life is going to go with us when we die and we are all part of the same energy on this planet so we are to put ourselves in a place where we can help other people along their journey of that means words of encouragement, funds, helping with basic needs, or working with our hands to help them. My parents were both born in the 30s and I assume between Native American and Christian values they had their own code of ethics. I don’t feel like I’m anyone special I just want to do my part to help. I would hope that if I ever was in need there would be those willing to help although historically that hasn’t been my case. Figure the good fight and if there’s anything I can do for you or your group please let me know. I have many multimedia resources as well if you need some publications from the US.
Take care

Scott, you real special and makes us proud to welcome you in the club and to make you to VIP member by the way the first one in the US. We name the club rank “SixKiller” a patch and shirt goes soon in the mail to you and we like to push is company check out www.TacticalGear.sale

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