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RIP Chris Kyle

6D32D9CA-7779-461F-A648-D103BDE435C7On this day, only a few years ago (February 2, 2013), America lost a great warrior and hero. RIP Chris Kyle. You will never be forgotten!

“It was my duty to shoot the enemy, and I don’t regret it. My regrets are for the people I couldn’t save: Marines, soldiers, buddies. I’m not naive, and I don’t romanticize war. The worst moments of my life have come as a SEAL. But I can stand before God with a clear conscience about doing my job.”�
-Chris Kyle

New Patch Action in the year 2019 „F🖕ck Off Far Right and Left“

6E12B931-FB29-477A-92D0-F7FF73054559Many club members are tired of being called “Far-Right / Nazi” for a conservative opinion. Or if you have no problem with minorities of any kind “skin color, sex, sexual orientation or religion” immediately as “Far-Left / Green Nazi” to be called. A friend of the club has find the right term for it for a few weeks ago, he  called it “voice police” or “language Nazis”. We think so here in the club everyone has a past “negative as well as positive” history which connects us all here is “democracy, freedom, togetherness” and yes we stand by our Military and Law Enforcement Veterans and all Military Operators who stand for our western values, NATO and Israel’s existence are rightly protected and defended that’s make us to the „Original Badass Crew“. We also looking for our sisters and brothers in blue we have not forgotten we stand behind our Democratic Law Enforcement Officers “. In order to confess our attitude clearly, we decided not only to produce stickers but also patches. Only while stocks last we will only produce a few hundred so pre-order now and save money.

CMC F🖕ck Off Far Right and Left (Black)


CMC F🖕ck Off Far Right and Left (RAL8000)


GERMAN (DEUTSCH): Viele Clubmitglieder sind es leid, dass man für eine konservativen Meinung sofort als „Far-Right / Nazi“ bezeichnet wird. Oder wenn man kein Problem mit Minderheiten jeglicher Art „Hautfarbe, Geschlecht, Sexuellen Orientierung oder Religion“ hat, sofort als „Far-Left / GreenNazi“ bezeichnet zu werden. Ein Freund des Clubs hat es vor ein paar Wochen richtig bezeichnet „Sprach Polizei“ bzw „Sprach Nazis“. Wir denken so; hier im Club hat jeder eine Vergangenheit „negativ sowie positiv“, was uns alle hier verbindet ist „Die Demokratie, Freiheit, Zusammengehörigkeit“ und ja wir stehen zu unseren „Military and Law Enforcement Veterans“ und zu allen Military Operators, die klar für unsere westlichen Werte, die NATO und Israels Existenz einstehen. Genau das macht uns alle zu „Original Badass Crew“. Auch unsere Schwestern und Brüder in blau haben wir nicht vergessen. Wir stehen hinter unseren demokratischen Law Enforcement Officers“. Um unsere Haltung klar zu bekennen, haben wir uns entschlossen, nicht nur Stickers zu produzieren, sondern auch Patches. Nur solange der Vorrat reicht. Wir werden nur ein paar hundert produzieren also jetzt vorbestellen und Geld sparen.

We support Danke an unsere Soldaten e. V.


Nur noch 11 Wochen bis Weihnachten und nur 6 Wochen, um die Geschenke zu verpacken und unseren Weihnachtsmann auf die Reise zu schicken.
Knapp 3500 Soldatinnen und Soldaten befinden sich zur Zeit im Auslandseinsatz. Selbstverständlich können wir nicht jedem Soldaten zu Weihnachten ein Päckchen senden. Aber mit Eurer Hilfe und Eurer Spende werden wir vielen Soldaten in verschiedenen Einheiten eine große Freude machen können.
Bis jetzt haben wir 290 Euro an Spenden erhalten. Dafür schon mal herzlichen Dank ❤️.
Aber vielleicht geht da noch mehr? Nicht durch wenige, die viel spenden, sondern viele, die vielleicht nur 1 Euro spenden, können wir gemeinsam einen besonderen Heilig Abend für unsere Soldaten gestalten. Und nochmals zur Erinnerung: Wir stellen Euch gerne eine Spendenbescheinigung aus.

First official Cheers Mate Club Challenge Coin

D75C9CC0-0091-42D8-AFE9-3BB05E3B4D3DHey Mates, are you ready to place your preorder of  our first and official Cheers Mate Club Challenge Coin now?

This coin is only in a kit of two coins available to order. Anyone who is interested has to written a message to his local charter management (Sarch for your charter here) or if you don’t find a local charter post below the post and we will then be contacted you with price and delivery terms and times.

The Cheers Mate Club does not want behind the great tradition and now introduces our first club coin. The first edition “Zero Fucks” was designed in the sense that most of the civilians and leftist don’t really understand us, which does not matter to us so „Zero Fucks“. We also brought the original coin game to the club. Note everyone who buys this club coin automatically accepts these rules (see below the OCC Game rules). We will design from time-to-time a new coin with a own story too.

HISTORY OF THE COINS: The tradition of the so-called Challenge Coins has been adapted by most of NATO units. These individually coins have their origins in the times of the First World War. Wealthy college graduates, mainly from Yale or Harvard, who went to war, were coins after the „War Coins“ or „Challenge Coins“ on which the insignia of their unit were immortalized and should commemorate the time.

Rules of the „Original Challenge Coin Game (OCC Game)“
OCC game is a military tradition with murky roots. The game is played where one service member at a bar etc. challenges another to present their challenge coin. If the challenged doesn’t have their coin, they have to buy the challenger a drink. If the challenged club member has their club coin or military or law enforcement official coin get a round on the challenger.

10. Special Forces Workshop 2018, in Güstrow (Germany)

42E5C742-3D28-49EE-8585-08BE5B2B2E75DEUTSCH: Sind gerade auf dem Weg zum 10. Special Forces Workshop 2018, in Güstrow (Germany) der von den Baltic Shooters veranstaltet wird. Wir „Centurio Design / Warfare Frog 779 und Max-Cuff, LLC und Tiger Stripe Products haben dort einen Stand. Wir präsentieren dort exklusiv und erstmalig unser „CornerViewer“. Außerdem wird der Cheers Mate Club bei uns zu finden sein, repräsentiert durch den 1. Vice President „Ingo“. Wer da ist schaut mal vorbei bei uns.

ENGLISH: Right now on the way to the „10th Special Forces Workshop 2018 (#SFW2018)“, in #Güstrow (Germany), organized by the Baltic Shooters. We ” Centurio Design / Warfare Frog 779!and Max-Cuff, LLC and Tiger Stripe Products have a booth there. We are presenting there exclusively and for the first time our #CornerViewer “. In addition, the Cheers Mate Club will be located here, represented by the 1st Vice President “Ingo”. Who is there, look over here.

#CenturioDesign #WarfareFrog #779 #CheersMateClub #SFW2018 #Güstrow #Germany #SpecialForces #MaxCuff #MaxCuffLLC #TuffCuff #SpecialForcesWorkShop

What do you think? are you ready to be a member in our club?

4A898349-CC5A-4F60-B58D-22644A6D3902Original Badass Crew family fridge😉 because a real club members of the Ceers Mate Club a) always think of their families first. b) Always have a cold beer or long drink ready for a club mate in your fridge and of course a ice for gis kids 😀. c) If a veteran knocks on your door, you always need to have a cold beer and a good steak in the house for him and take care of him that he is well anyway he deserves it😎…. If you agree with it, try to become a member of the Cheers Mate Club: http://cheersmateclub.com/becomeamember/ 4BE99A97-9F94-41D3-8CAB-75B3D6E6BF36

Today is Memorial Day in America

04A1FF97-D255-4A84-ADEF-C29F1A3AED02Today is Memorial Day in America, a Day to Remember the Men and Women that gave their Life in Service to the United States. And a chance to reflect upon the cost to the Families and Friends whose loved ones Gave It All for others. So others may Live and Proper in Peace. They were our Father’s, Mother’s, Brother’s, Sister’s, Son’s, Daughters, and overall American’s that loved their Country. May they All RIP, God Comfort their Families and Friends, and America long be filled with Brave and Honorable People worthy of their Memory and Sacrifice. DAA80166-0C55-4D52-BC24-FC358D742D02

The Boonie hats lovers boom at the club😉

6FF846E0-86EB-4BBF-951E-9797E15EE7E2The group of Boonie hats lovers is getting bigger. Here’s a bonnie made in All Terrain Tiger made by Tiger Stripe Products and modified with velcro at the front for a unit patch in our case „Freedom or Fck you“ available to order in our club shop, on the top a velcro for IR patch or for a IR Signal Marker made by Centurio Design and at the back (not to see at the photo) a velcro for name tag‬. The custom updates of the Bonnie hat is real cool and makes sense out of a tactical situations

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