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Veterans of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) / Israel now at the Invictus Games Foundation Event

06DD7F5F-FF90-4C8F-B78F-1D3A458C5C46Prince Harry faces a backlash over controversial plans to invite injured Israeli soldiers to compete at his Invictus Games

1A3F9ADC-1BC4-4636-ADC1-4855ECD8A2DCAll Israelis veterans says “Toda Raba (Thank you)” Prince Harry, for not having a double standard on Israel.  h/t British Colonel, Richard Kemp”.

The President of the Cheers Mate Club (Veterans & active duty support club for military & law enforcement officers) Mr Tillee D. Roters also welcomes the decision of the The Invictus Games Foundation Games and of course supports Prince Harry’s statement and complements Col Kemp’s statement 


Soldiers only represent the decisions of their current and democratically elected government, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and an exclusion of all soldiers of the Israeli army (Israel Defense Forces / IDF) would be equivalent to the from Adolf Hitler and the Nazis use system of the “family collective punishment” in german called “Sippenhaft” and this can be not happen by a peaceful sporting competition between veterans” .

This understanding of the health and civilian life problems of these brothers & sisters in arms does not allow any Athlet or teams at the competition to make no difference between skin colours, religions, sex etc because all combat veterans knows that the evil / death make also no difference.

If now a Arab journalist said “their inclusion would look like a British royal ‘provoke’ Arabs” if the person is a “journalist” what we don’t think, we think better to named him a “fundamentalists” want to abuse this inclusion with racism and more hatred then they have only shown their real face to the world make themselves extremely ridiculous even the attempt to extortion against Prince Harry is simply disgusting.


Shalom, There is a little nation in the Orient called “Israel” which fights for rights who we support “Freedom, Existing, Western Culture”, this little nation fights our war for all people in the whole western world. Of course we “Cheers Mate Club” support the State and people of Israel, we support the Israel Defense Force and Law Enforcement, we support all Veterans. Here we have a charter where you can become a member www.fb.com/groups/CheersMateClubIsrael, the president of our charter is Doron Keidar we need locals in Israel who support is work, we need a Vice President and Sgt at Arms for the charter. Please contact Doron for more informations 

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8164035/Prince-Harry-faces-backlash-plans-invite-injured-Israeli-soldiers-Invictus-Games.html

About Mr Richard Kemp, visit: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Kemp

About Mr Tillee D. Roters, visit: www.roters.biz

About the Invictus Games Foundation: www.invictusgamesfoundation.org

Europe and North America need to stay united – now more than ever


Hey Guys,

Do you like to support Veteran, Military and Law Enforcement, state of Israel, or NATO you are welcome in our club „Cheers Mate Club“.


We should all remember that we all lived and worked together in the last 70 years great.  Anyone who thinks they are against countries and their peoples mood to make please leave my fb page.

I will delete any comment that offends  these peoples and countries.

Become in our main facebook group a member: www.fb.com/groups/CheersMateClub

CMC | TMT Official Telegram Channel

17456ADA-6D03-4D91-A467-8E28EC84931DFollow our official Telegram channel,  None of us knows when facebook / instagram or/and twitter, youtube etc attacks our pages, groups, accounts or channels and try to close it for ever … Link to our channel: https://t.me/cheersmateclub or for our video and live-stream platform „TheMateTalk.com“ follower the channel too: https://t.me/thematetalk

1. Charter Treffen vom Cheers Mate Club (Eastside)

3A7B5F17-2417-436B-BB5C-63F733D3F041Wir haben gestern eine Eventeinladung gepostet zum 1. Charter Treffen „https://www.facebook.com/events/2237774172943996/?ti=icl“ vom Cheers Mate Club (Eastside) „www.fb.com/groups/CheersMateClubEastside“ … ES SIND ALLE MATES SIND HERZLICH WILLKOMMEN 

Hallo Leute, nun ist es soweit, am 29.06.19 findet unser erstes Treffen des Cheers Mate Club (EastSide) statt. Der Ort soll Dresden sein und wir haben folgendes geplant.

? Am 29.06.2019 ist für Interessenten ein Besuch in der Gedenkstätte Bautzener Straße Dresden geplant, da war in der DDR die Stasi untergebracht.

?Am Abend des 29.06.2019 gegen 18:00 Uhr ist dann die Hauptveranstaltung in gemütlicher Rund bei Bier, Whisky und guten Gesprächen in einer coolen Bar geplant. Der genaue Ort wird kurzfristig bekannt gegeben, via E-Mail oder Facebook Nachricht. Jeder Platz für abends sind verbindlich, daher wird mit der Anmeldung eine Gebühr von 29,-€ fällig, die Euch abends wieder erstattet wird, da wir vorreservieren müssen und wenn nicht die Anzahl der vorher angekündigten Anzahl an Personen da ist, den Ausgleich bezahlen müssen.

Als Hinweis, ein Besuch in der Gedenkstätte ist kein muss. Bei der Anmeldung teilt es mir bitte mit, ob Ihr nur am Abend oder auch am Besuch der Gedenkstätte teilnehmen möchtet.

Natürlich sind alle, ob aktive oder nicht aktive Mitglieder, ob aus dem neuen- oder alten Bundesländern alle herzlich eingeladen.

Fragen, Anmeldung über mich via E-mail ingo@hoppe.ws oder Facebook „Ingo Hoppe“

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