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ATTENTION NO JOKE! Hamas Compromised Dozens of IDF Soldiers’ Phones Using Seductive Female Images


Hamas has become globally active through fake dating apps as well as facebook and other social media using fake user profiles. They try to get in touch with IDF members, but also people from other military, law enforcement units, people in the security field, and defense industries worldwide. Please do not pass on any information about Jewish members or tell anyone who has or hasn’t been in the IDF.

We have a few well known mates in the club who are also well known in Israel. IDF members threatened aby “Hamas” or “Islamic Jihad” are aware of the risk and are prepared 24/7 to respond to any attack on himself or his family.

The worldwide fight against Islamic terror is not over, Israel is our barometer as it stands in the rest of the world (Europe, North America, Australian, New Zealand, South Africa, etc) how dangerous the groups are and what their targets are. To Support Israel and the citizens of Israel: Jewish, Christians, Muslims, Druze, Bahai and other religions all veterans, patriots, active duty military, and law enforcement operators who love Freedom, our Western World of course, and a lifetime mission to help/support our brothers and sisters in the only democracy in the middle east not to mention our only real ally in the region.

Link about the „Hamas fake dating apps“

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