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Photo of the week

92CBD50F-6132-456E-BDBC-EF3940F2EF43This week comes the „photo of the week“ from Israel. Our members in Israel also wear proudly our patches and shirts. We support Israel is not just a claim of the Cheers Mate Club but, it‘s was and is the base of our club.  Become a member in our Israel facebook group www.fb.com/groups/CheersMateClubIsrael Through this group you get contact to the Cheers Mate Club (Israel) charter. The Cheers Mate Club patch “We Support Israel” is available in our webshop www.CheersMateClub.com/Shop

Cheers Mate Club Support Israel

Support_IsraelThis patch is not just a brand of the Cheers Mate Club® it also represents the attitude of our club that we support the state of Israel. Real patriots, veterans and of course active military professionals and law enforcement support the state of Israel since we all know that the state of Israel is the only democracy and our only and trustful allied in the middle east. Powerful freedom-loving citizens shows his support with the patch “I SUPPORT ISRAEL” and that is what this patch stands for.

To place a pre-order just visit our online store or click of one of the links below

  • I Support Israel (Original Flag) : http://cheersmateclub.com/product/i-support-israel-original-flag/
  • I Support Israel (Multi Terrain): http://cheersmateclub.com/product/i-support-israel-multi-terrain/
  • I Support Israel (Wood/Mountain): http://cheersmateclub.com/product/i-support-israel-woodmountain/

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