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NEW AND ORIGINAL BADASS: The Mate Talk only at the Cheers Mate Club main Facebook group


Carolin Matthie has been known in recent for years, through various television productions, radio broadcasts and press articles gun laws and agains gun bans and of the right of defense, especially in the German-speaking pro-gun movement, but also in some other European Union neighboring nations.

In the future she will publish videos on gun rights and other topics that are in the interest of the Cheers Mate Club in main facebook group and in our way of life which we all share here in the club and is the best way to explain our lifstyle is our official slogan „Freedom or F?ck you“.

Carolin likes badass steaks, American off-road vehicles, lives and studies in Berlin despite the extreme far-left / green local federal state government, runs a daily video blog (Vlog) including reliable house trolls and cats on Youtube, she is a model and avid sports shooter in predominantly dynamic disciplines.

If she does not annoy far-left / greens viewers and TV hosts about „guns“ snd explain her view why she is active in the „Anti Gun Ban Movements“ on Good Morning Shows (breakfast television), she usually succumbs successfully to housework and instead wanders through the forests of Berlin – albeit without AR15 etc.

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