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New: Cheers Mate Club „Freedom or Fuck you“ patch series

Of the request of various club members and because many new members have not understood that the right to freedom is not negotiable and about our club motto “Freedom or Fuck you”, we have renew our traditional Patch design. From now on, we collect now pre-orders for the new CHEERS MATE CLUB “FREEDOM OR FUCK YOU” patches, and you benefit is you get a special discount on each patch. This patch will be available in three tunes “Black / White” and “Black / Brown” and new in “Tactical Gray”. To place an order see below the links

A) Cheers Mate Club® “Freedom or Fuck you” Patch (Black) – http://cheersmateclub.com/product/cmc_ffy_b/

B) Cheers Mate Club® “Freedom or Fuck you” Patch (Multi Terrain) – http://cheersmateclub.com/product/cmc_ffy_mt/

C) Cheers Mate Club® “Freedom or Fuck you” Patch (Tactical Gray) – http://cheersmateclub.com/product/cmc_ffy_tg/

Cheers Mate Cub_2_Gray_Freedom_or_Fuck_YouCheers Mate Cub_2_Freedom_or_Fuck_YouCheers Mate Cub_2_Brown_Freedom_or_Fuck_You

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