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Facebook blocks our domain CheersMateClub.com

Dear Mates, unfortunately we have not been able to post since a few days links with our domain „CheersMateClub.com“ as an example we wanted to announce our new patches this post has been deleted from facebook, we wanted to announce the new video channel „The amate Talk“ also with a link to our blog here, this has been deleted from facebook, and locked since then he is decreasing this tried to post temporarily suspended … You can see the reason below it is unfortunately in German but Facebook refers to spam!!! Of course, we have read the terms and conditions of facebook for users and have found that we did not violate the spam regulation at all, because we have posted these links invariably on our official and public Facebook page‘s such as „Cheers Mate Club – Worldwide“ and „Cheers Mate Club News“ and „The Mate Talk“ and in our official Facebook groups (charter groups) and not in other groups or other profiles. So it is not spam at all… Facebook has not carried out our review request until today and does not answer back on multiple messanges via facebook and twitter.

For us, the censorship or a restriction of our activities on Facebook when we founded the sites and groups there, we did that under the condition of Facebook that we can post what we want as long as we do not violate laws or the user conditions which we have not done so far and will not do so but we find it very inappropriate for Facebook not to contact us and not to correct their mistake, we need to discuss within the club now what the consequences are.7DDAACF0-B690-4AB8-A09C-6B7C31AAC10B


After our various complaints and objections you follower us now on Twitter? why not on your own platform on Facebook? and why you don’t answer us of our complaints and fix the problem?.F33AD8D5-37E2-43EE-A2AC-D1A876322F29

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