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The Boonie hats lovers boom at the club?

6FF846E0-86EB-4BBF-951E-9797E15EE7E2The group of Boonie hats lovers is getting bigger. Here’s a bonnie made in All Terrain Tiger made by Tiger Stripe Products and modified with velcro at the front for a unit patch in our case „Freedom or Fck you“ available to order in our club shop, on the top a velcro for IR patch or for a IR Signal Marker made by Centurio Design and at the back (not to see at the photo) a velcro for name tag‬. The custom updates of the Bonnie hat is real cool and makes sense out of a tactical situations

New club partner: Tiger Stripe Products in the USA

4FBCB3DA-69EE-4042-AACE-1D7C8A354708Our new club partner Tiger Stripe Products is proud to present you a new design for Special Forces Operators who fights for our freedom world-wide. Tiger Stripe Products is well know it since the vietnam war where Tiger Stripe was born, and stays since that time for the most famous special camouflage pattern ever. ONe of the legendary special forces units of the war was the „Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG)“ was a highly classified, multi-service United States special operations unit which conducted covert unconventional warfare operations prior to and during the Vietnam War and has use the „Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™“.

4FA90435-0DD0-46AA-8544-03334349A71DOn the photo Mr Tiger Stripe, Michael Bauer, Founder & CEO of Tiger Stripe Products in the USA“


Mates please keep in mind that this company Tiger Stripe Products is not a big corporation like some other manufacturers whi gives a f?ck about all of your, no, this company and his founder & CEO Michael Bauer stay behind all veterans and support the troops no matter from which country you come from, as long as you stand for our values of the western allies such all of us Freedom, Democratic, Security and Peace and of course he supports NATO and Israel. Like his Facebook „@TigerStripePattern“ page and check out his website at www.TigerStripeProducts.com 

Best Regards
Tillee D. Roters
-SecMate- Secretary of Mates Administrative President

These two designs are supported and pushed by Tiger Stripe Products and by Cheers Mate Club in Europa and worldwide.

1109F47F-81CD-4AE2-8923-2EBC52EC2F68All Terrain Tiger™
A master re-design of my copyrighted Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ has produced this new highly effective advanced All Terrain Tiger™ camouflage. This outstanding pattern provides the optimum combination of contrasting shapes and coloration’s to effectively disguise a person’s silhouette. The resulting pattern excels in a wide variety of environments. 
All Terrain Tiger™ is currently available to all. Any Military, Government Agency, Law Enforcement Department, or Professional Security Force can now deliver extremely high camouflage effectiveness to it’s personnel with this outstanding new Tiger Stripe camouflage design, the All Terrain Tiger™. As the designer of this great new camouflage, peak all-terrain camouflage effectiveness was my number one priority. A true 21st century weapon delivery system and would be a massive upgrade for ALL Airmen over the AF ABU jagged tiger pattern. This newly updated tiger pattern design delivers superior all-terrain camouflage performance and superior uniform construction while still being very affordable when compared to similar products. U.S. Special Operation Forces; looking for an advanced camo that gives you that battlefield edge but is not regular issue uniform? Try it, you will not be disappointed.


A special edition tiger design born directly from the copyrighted Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ pattern. This new advanced design adds extreme depth and a unique gritty look that combine forces to achieve an unparalleled camouflage effect. SPEC-OPS TIGER™ simply does the job. The unique solid and faded shapes effectively visually breaks up a body’s silhouette close in, as well as at distance, making it very difficult to pick out from the surrounding area. SPEC-OPS TIGER™ just might provide that extra edge needed in the field or on the battlefield. Check out these great colorways. Please contact me for more information about production opportunities if you wish to use SPEC-OPS TIGER™ for government, military, security force, or manufacturing purposes. Custom colorways and full completed uniform packages available.(*factory minimums apply)

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