Ticket order for the original badass meet greet party

PARTYTickets are available for sale for the 2018 Cheers Mate Club aka Centurio Design “Original Badass Meet & Greet Party”, aftershow party of the IWA OutdoorClassics 2018, the world-leading trade fair for hunting, shooting sports, equipment for outdoor activities and for civilian and official security applications. The best-known manufacturers and traders meet here. The trade fair for hunting, shooting sports, outdoor activities and security starts on 9 March 2018 in Nürnberg (Germany). The party is OUR OPPORTUNITY TO MEET YOU … YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO MEET US. We like to drink with all Cheers Mate Club members and our greats customer from Centurio Design The party will be at the Saturday evening (10 March 2018), we will run the event in a hotel local in Nuremberg.
What is offered to you
* A welcome drink
* Product raffle of Centurio Design products, Cheers Mate Club Life Style Gear and many more
* Meet other Cheers Mate Club members and admins face-to-face
* Meet special guests from the Government, Military, Law Enforcement
* Meet the designer of Centurio Design
* Meet and spend time with Tobias Brodala, Use your your chance and learn from him about professional Night and LowLight Gunfight.
* and much more
We like to limit the people number, because all the brand representatives on the party like to spend time with you, to speak and to relax. We also want to make sure that realy every one come’s to the event, that´s why we sale the tickets here. Use your chance to buy your ticket for a discount price for only 17,50 Euro (includes1 free drink). The discount price has a dateline and ends at: Friday 17.02.2018 at 06:00pm. After the dateline the ticket cost you 19,50 Euro and on our booth at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2018 if they are still available 22 Euro. Place and start of the event you will receive by post, together with your ticket. People may cancel this Originial Badass Meet & Greet Party ticket even though they do not get a refund so that somebody in the waiting list can get a confirmed without much anxiety. For cancellation of confirmed online tickets needs is not possible and you get not refund because it is a exclusive offer. Tickets can not transfer to an other person. Your ticket is valid only in conjunction with a valid identification document. The Original Badass Meet & Greet Party Ticket does not entitle you to visit the the IWA OutdoorClassics 2018, they must organize it independently of the Cheers Mate Club aka Centurio Design Tickets. Ready to buy at: http://cheersmateclub.com/product/ticket-order-for-the-original-badass-meet-greet-party/


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