TMT Videos

Video (from 29.07.2019) with Carolin Matthie  in German ?

Video (from 29.07.2019) with Carolin Matthie and with Enrico Koenig und Marcel Furrer in German 😉

Carolin Matthie & Enrico Koenig represent the Cheers Mate Club (Mountain Crew) our official charter for Switzerland and Austria with the well-known president Marcel Furrer, who fight powerful for the Swiss gun owner of the rights to own firearms and agains the EU firearms Act. We are proud that he is in the club and plays a leading role in “The Mate Talk” channel. So if you are from Switzerland or Austria, you welcome to joining the charter anytime. Link zum facebook charter group: CheersMateClubMountainCrew

First Video (from 26.06.2019) with Carolin Matthie in english 😉 more will coming soon online and here at our page.

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