We love our xmas trees in front of our town halls

one_shot_one_treeThe Green Party in Germany, wants to abolish a tradition of the Christmas tree from the town hall in #Düsseldorf in Germany (Read more at:http://www.bild.de/regional/duesseldorf/weihnachtsbaum/gruene-wollen-rathaus-tanne-abschaffen-48633024.bild.html). To make it real clear, we are against the action and 110% disagree that a party try to taken our xmas tree away in front of our town halls. It is a beautiful and peaceful tradition, which all of us are allied to the past and shows us that xmas time starts.

So one of our leading members has make a facebook post with the link and story and say “When that happens “I WILL KILL OUT OF FRUSTRATING THIS YEAR TWO TREES” an other club mate has joked arround with on the saying member on facebook of course with the support of few other club mates too and coming up with the slogen and artwork ?? Thanx Patrick you make our day ????….. 

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