Who we are and our Rules

cheers-mate-cubIf you love the freedom of the western world, you like to chat about flashlights, knives, firearms, good drinks and food (BBQ) or clubs, pubs and Badass party’s… If you support our western forces and Europa / NATO and Israel and the USA and military and law enforcement and support our Veterans you in the right club… if you are a believer, that life is too short not to do funny and crazy things, then mate, you are in the right facebook group!

CRYTAL CLEAR STATEMENT: We are veterans and active operators… We support Europa, NATO and Israel, the USA… We are not right or left wingers… We Support our troops and our law enforcement… We support the right to keep and bear arms.


1. New subgroup or chapter admins need to be approved by Tillee D. Roters (Facebook and Twitter; @TilleeDRoters) only before being given admin status. Setup of the group is also only by Tillee D. Roters  (Facebook and Twitter; @TilleeDRoters)

2. If you post political or religious topics, and they lead to drama, expect them to be deleted.

3. NO Facebook / Instagram links to profils, pages, or groups etc

If your post or comment gets deleted or doesn’t get approved, don’t make a post asking why it got deleted/not approved. It obviously violated our simple rules.

Please visit our website to learn more about “Our Club Rules at all Social Medias such as Facebook www.CheersMateClub.com

Stay Safe and Live your life… your Mates of the Original Badass Crew

E-Mail us at: BadAsss@CheersMateClub.com
If you use Instagram, Twitter or Telegram please come, see and join us: @cheersmateclub our main and publich facebook pages you find at Cheers Mate Club (WorldWide) and our future news page Cheers Mate Club News

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